Modern personal development training for individuals

A bespoke blend of expert training, mentoring and coaching that uses hacking mentality to help individuals reach peak performance in the workplace.

A typical programme includes:

4 x 1-hour sessions

A mix of modern 1-1 training delivered from the Hack Yourself training programme, blended with focused mentoring and coaching.

The structured training schedule uses the Hack Yourself Hierarchy:

  • Gain Access – understanding values, purpose, vision and personal strengths to improve
  • Uncover Truths – discover your hidden story and skills, and learn how to make it valuable
  • Leak It – plan how to have instant impact at work
  • Collaborate – understanding and utilising the power of new and existing networks
  • Continuous Hacking – how to use simple techniques that will continually improve
    your performance

Who is the 1-1 training for?

Our 1-1 training, mentoring and coaching programme is tailored to the needs of the individual, whether you are an aspiring manager, currently a manager, or a head/leader of a team.

What are the reasons why someone would choose the 1-1 personal development training?

  • Enhancing personal impact and performance
  • High-performing individual looking to progress into leadership
  • Preparation for a new role/career changes
  • Individuals needing an injection of inspiration, direction and structure to their personal development

The 1-1 training and mentoring will lead the individual to:

  • be the best version of themselves, constantly
  • have a better awareness of their strengths, purpose, vision and values
  • be on the fast-track to leadership development
  • have the confidence and desire to create the change needed to push themselves
    and the organisation forward
  • improved goal setting and faster achievement of goals

Benefits to the organisation include:

  • improved performance
  • engaged and focused employee
  • improved management and leadership

For more information, including prices, please contact us.

Here’s what people had to say…

“Jack had a nice and relaxed approach. I felt comfortable straight away talking with him and sharing my plans. He made some concrete and actionable suggestions which I found really useful. I felt very optimistic and full of energy after our session!”
Fabiana Palombo, Junior Brand Manager, Mondelez

“My mentoring sessions with Jack helped me to focus on a career I truly wanted. We discussed how I could make the most of my current role but also how learnings from previous ones could shape my long term plan. Thanks to his varied career and involvement in organisations like the Marketing Academy, Jack was able to give me invaluable advice on how to identify my personal values and goals and how that could translate into a meaningful career.”
Lucinda Frost, Product Manager, L’Oréal

“Having unbiased external expertise to call on is always good. Jack offered a listening ear, thought-provoking questions and advice founded on real experience. He definitely made me rethink my approach…”
Greg Matthews, Brand and Marketing Manager, Leonard Cheshire Disability

“I’ve had 1-1 sessions with Jack and I would recommend Jack’s services to everyone. He has a great way of guiding you to where you want to be and helping you to understand yourself better. he helped me to understand what my next steps are in my career and how to go about achieving them.”
Jake Elgar, Biddable Activation Assistant, iProspect