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Upskill now: 9 useful leadership and career resources

“Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be” – Khalil Gibran

Health and wellbeing – How Not To Choke Under Pressure: “As it turns out, it wasn’t just about learning the material; it was about learning how to overcome my limits when it mattered the most” (Ted article) – Fascinating take on self-care in a modern world: You Are Not A Product (Medium article)

Effectiveness 25 “No-Nonsense” Lessons on Mastering Your Craft, According to Beethoven (Medium article) – Lead the way with presentations using these 6 Dos And Don’ts For Next Level Slides (TED Ideas article) – Seven ways to help you make better choices (Phycology Today article) – Three ways to run better meetings, from the CEO of Microsoft (INC. article)

Changing world of work – How to move to an ‘agile’ organisation. It’s a big read, but it’s where we are all heading… (Mckinsey article)

Words – Leaders are readers! 151 books to dive into right now (TED article) – The shortlist – 24 books under 200 pages

Develop your team – Planning a team away day this year? We can run a 1 hour or full day Modern Leadership experience at your next away day. Email me for more info.

Until next time, @JackLowman Founder and author, Hack Yourself


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