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Students' Union
Sabbatical Training

Introducing the ground-breaking, one-day session for elected Sabbatical Officers: 'One Team Workshop'

Students' Union Sabatical Training

Is your induction properly preparing your elected officers to lead in a new world of work?
Would you like affordable access to one of the best modern training services that global businesses are using?
 Explore our purpose-built programme for your elected officers developed by Jack Lowman, Hack Yourself founder
and ex-Sabbatical Officer

Newly elected Students' Union Officers, 
University of York Students' Union

"Inspiring, challenging, motivating"

Students' Union training

How it works

We use our Hack Yourself approach... first-hand Union and leadership experience, 
to get to the heart of your newly elected officers to:

Students' Union Hack Yourself

Create a deep team bond

Students' Union Hack Yourself


Students' Union Hack Yourself

Focus on impact

We are holding dates for the start of the 2024 Sabbatical Officer term. Get in touch today 


Download Hack Yourself Students' Union training overview

Who's it for?
Students' Unions that want to break the mould and test our approach to uniting newly elected Students' Union Officers.

A full-day workshop (in person or online).


This modern approach is built from our extensive experience of building leaders and high-performing teams. The session will create a unified ‘ONE TEAM’ and has the following outcomes:


TEAMWORKCreate a deep bond between the newly elected Sabbatical Officers that will be the foundation for all to come.

PERFORMANCE: Ensure a great understanding of each other’s strengths, values and passions, to improve collaborative working.

IMPACT: Build new self-leadership and team leadership skills to ensure their big ideas lead to big change.

Tangible outcomes:

How does the day run?

The non-corporate, energised day will be based on the two principles of hacking – speed and impact. The days cover these sprints:

Gain access – includes our self-analysis modules to help drive performance. You’ll be guided through self-analysis by a coach, and will get to understand fellow Officers in a deep and emotionally connected way

Leak it – communicate and apply yourself with your new team in a compelling way

Collaborate – make plans to enable others to supercharge you

Continually hack – use simple techniques that will help you to continually improve your impact as an individual and a team

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More information

Who are we?

Hack Yourself builds modern leaders and high-performing teams.

We are a collective of practicing leaders and coaches that pursue what’s changing in the world of work and get people ready for the opportunities of today.

Our founder, Jack, was a Sabbatical Officer himself and brings his blend of relevant Union, industry and training experience that pushes the boundaries of what is possible with Students' Union training. 

Jack was recently interim marketing director at The Prince's Trust, and has held senior marketing and communications positions.

Jack Lowman

Jack Lowman 

Founder and author
of Hack Yourself, Lead Trainer

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Contact Jack to talk through

What we do, works

Alongside Students' Unions, we are trusted by global brands to develop their staff

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Hack Yourself Students' Union

From the socials

People also asked:

Q: Where does the training take place?

A: We come to you - we just need a room that fits us all, a screen, and a little space to breakout. We'll take it from there. We can also do it online should you prefer

Q: How long is the Students' Union training day?

A: For in-person courses (preferred), we start at 9.30am and finish at 4.30pm

Q: When do you usually run the training?

A: It works best to bring the newly elected Students' Union officers together within their first 2 - 4 weeks 

Q: I'm not ready to book, can we talk later down the line?

A: Of course, although we are a small team and June/July are busy months to fit everyone in. We are holding dates at the moment, and can confirm nearer the time. If another Union wishes to book that date, we will give you first refusual. 


Get in touch

Get in touch

Download Hack Yourself Students' Union training overview

We are currently booking dates for 2023. 

Email Jack directly and he'll get back to you straight away.


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