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Course: Modern leadership 

Our flagship one or half-day workshop

This one or half-day modern leadership course will:

Business benefits: 

Follow in the footsteps of global brands

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Case study
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Who is it for?
This isn't just for leaders - our flagship leadership course is for any team that includes junior, emerging and/or senior leaders. Perfect for in-house delivery of whole teams between 4 and 25 people.


Leadership of others starts with leadership of yourself, so we take delegates through a series of leadership ‘sprints' that enable them to identify and understand their value as a leader and create a practical plan of how to apply themselves in a modern world.


The magic? The way your team will bond as they go through the process...

Areas of focus 

The analysis and self-discovery modules include:


  • Time management

  • Leadership values

  • Purpose

  • Vision

  • Strengths and super strengths


+ creative sessions to cover modules such as building a network, optimising your day for performance and communication.

What will team members get from it?

The fast-paced, collaborative day will ensure employees work towards:

  • being the best version of themselves, constantly

  • having a better awareness of their strengths, purpose, vision and values

  • becoming cross-functional leaders, rather just experts in their specialism

  • having the confidence and desire to create the change needed to push themselves and the organisation forward

  • Creating a unique bond with each other

What will your organisation get from it?

  • Increased engagement, which we all know leads to better retention 

  • New leadership skills and confidence throughout a team

  • Employees that are future-proofing their skill set

  • Staff that feel invested in, valued and introduced to a new way of progressing their careers, performance, and relationship with their colleagues

How does the day run?

We’ve created a unique programme based on the two principles of hacking – speed and impact.

The days cover these sprints:


Gain access – understand your personal value and how it can drive your leadership performance. You’ll be guided through self-analysis by a professional business coach


Leak it – communicate and apply yourself at work in a compelling way


Collaborate – make plans to enable others to supercharge you


Continually hack – use simple techniques that will help you to continually improve your impact


Case study: British Red Cross

After two years apart, Hack Yourself partnered with British Red Cross to reunite their team by taking them through our flagship modern leadership course. Together, we positively leaned into team cohesiveness, connection and leadership skills at all levels. 

Hack Yourself training
“An excellent day that I would highly recommend to anyone… insightful with practical advice that I could implement straight away”
British business bank.png

Joanne Morris,
Partner Marketing Manager


“I found it really useful, especially because the tools are so tangible to apply”

Akriti Farmahan
Senior Campaigns Manager

 British Red Cross


“...a fantastic use of my time. I’ve loved how interactive and packed with takeaways the training has been”

Claire O'Toole
B2B Marketing Manager
Westfield Health


“ gave me clear focus on where I was going and how to get there. It was like someone pressed my reset button!”

Darren Kunar
Director of Email
We Transfer

Meet the Team

Everyone who works for Hack Yourself has a real job, leading their industry right now. Here are your lead trainers:

Hack Yourself training course

We can run this course in your workplace. 

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