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Hack Yourself Team Away Days

Team Awaydays

Book us for a short slot, or a whole Hack Yourself awayday 

Our awaydays are designed to leave a lasting impact 

Business benefits 

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Hack Yourself awaydays
Case study
Hack Yourself training

Hack Yourself awaydays summary

Are you looking for ideas of how to make your next corporate away day the best yet?

Do you need to inject some energy and inspiration?

Want to empower your staff to lead the change around them?

If so, we can run sessions from 30 minutes to a full day’s training to make your away day unforgettable.

Menu of options

Keynote away day talk – 30  - 90 mins. Subjects include:

  • The New Skills Needed to Lead in a Modern World - Whatever Your Level 

  • Personal Performance in a Hybrid World

  • #HackYourCareer - The Ultimate Career Development Keynote

  • 'Leadership Lessons From...' -  we use popular culture, politics and even COVID-19 to review examples of leadership and how individuals can learn from them

  • Bespoke topics available – get in touch with us today

Self-development away day session – 45 or 90 minutes

Taken from our widely successful Hack Yourself training courses, we will create a bespoke 45 or 90-minute session to build the motivation and capabilities of your team.

We place a particular emphasis on establishing that everyone can be a leader, no matter what their job title or responsibilities, and giving everyone the desire to positively lead people and projects around them.

Leadership training away day session – 45 or 90 minutes

Inspiring and insightful session on what it takes to reach your full leadership potential in the workplace

Leadership training away day session – half day

Want to spend half your away day inspiring, and motivating but also upskilling your team? We’ll do a condensed version of our flagship development course.

Leadership training for away days – full day

Our flagship training programme, just for you. Read more about the training day.

You’ll spend a whole day creating a workforce that knows its worth and is ready to apply it.

Our training empowers individuals to transform their mindset, approach and performance to become the best leader they can be, no matter what their job role.

What will team members get from it?

All our awaydays are designed to:

  • future-proof their skills for the changing world of work

  • challenge thinking and assumptions about leadership limitations

  • support an organisation's effort to build high-performing teams

  • foster an environment that gives people a different, thought-provoking and inspiring experience

What will your organisation get from it?

  • Increased engagement, which we all know leads to better retention 

  • New leadership skills and confidence throughout a team (depending on the session booked)

  • Employees that are future-proofing their skill set

  • Staff that feel invested in, valued and introduced to a new way of progressing their careers, performance, and relationship with their colleagues

Do you host events or sessions too?

Yes. From awards hosting to facilitating sessions, we can bring energy and a relaxed but professional approach to your day or event.

Get in touch with us to discuss hosting


“I found it really useful, especially because the tools are so tangible to apply”

Akriti Farmahan
Senior Campaigns Manager

 British Red Cross

Hack Yourself Away Days

“...Jack brought energy, enthusiasm and some deep thinking to our away afternoon. The team really enjoyed some of the challenges and have already started to look at how they can take responsibility...”

Hannah Dedman
Head of Brand, Marketing and Content, Parkinson’s UK


“ gave me clear focus on where I was going and how to get there. It was like someone pressed my reset button!”

Darren Kunar
Director of Email
We Transfer

Case study 

We don't always run full-day training sessions at an organisation's awayday. 

Parkinson's UK invited us to close their awayday with a 90-minute keynote talk on modern leadership, and how every member of the team can be a leader, no matter what their job title or remit,

Hack Yourself awaydays
Hack Yourself training course
“A refreshing change from anything else I’ve experienced”
Hack Yourself training

Emily Rash
Marketing Lead

Meet the Team

Everyone who works for Hack Yourself has a real job, leading thier industry right now. Here are your lead trainers:

Hack Yourself training course

Have an away day coming up? Let the Hack Yourself team pitch some ideas! 

Contact us to find out more


Email Jack directly and he'll get back to you straight away.


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