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Hack Yourself How to Have Hard Conversations

Course: Having Hard Conversations 

Imagine if your whole team were first-class at tackling the hard stuff...

This one or half-day course is delivered in-house or online for your team (of all levels) or can be run as a senior team workshop. It will:

Business benefits: 

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Who is it for?
Whole teams or as a senior team workshop

It has 'hard' in the title, but this new Hack Yourself course flips the tone to immerse you in a positive, solutions-focused day of learning and exploring... how good could you really get at having the tough, hard conversations?


This course is ideal for whole teams who want to upskill and develop their communication and conflict-resolution skills. Whether you are struggling with difficult conversations, looking to improve your team's collaboration and decision-making processes, or simply want to build stronger relationships with colleagues, this course is designed for your team.

In addition, our course can also be run as a workshop for senior teams who want to lead by example and set the tone for the rest of the organisation, whilst tackling head-on the approach and hard conversations they need to have to build a winning team.

Areas of focus 

Our in-house delivery format means that we can tailor the course specifically to your team's needs, addressing any specific concerns or challenges you may be facing.

Through our expert facilitation, we will help you to develop individually while also fostering a collective approach to tackling hard conversations in the workplace.

The course will dig deep into:


  • Why hard conversations feel hard

  • The dynamics of hard conversations

  • The three levels of communication

  • Your audit - what hard conversations need to take place

  • The art of communications - practical tips to help you before, during and after hard conversations 

  • Psychological Safety and leading the way 

Overall, this course is for any team that wants to improve their communication skills, build stronger relationships, and learn how to approach difficult conversations with confidence and skill.

By attending the course, your team will gain valuable insights, tools, and strategies for navigating difficult conversations and creating a more positive and productive workplace culture.

What will team members get from it?

The reflective, collaborative day will ensure employees work towards:

  • understanding their drivers and assumptions in relation to hard conversations and the people involved

  • having a better awareness of why conversations feel hard for all parties

  • understanding the enablers to having successful discussions, negotiations and other high-stakes meetings

  • having the confidence and desire to lead the way with a new approach 

  • Knowing what the priority hard conversations are, and being ready to approach them in an authentic, sensitive but efffective way 

What will your organisation get from it?

Just imagine if your whole team felt confident to tackle the hard stuff.

Imagine the cultural and business benefits of people embracing tricky choices, sensitive subjects, performance management and other high-stakes conversations.

When your whole team takes on our half-day or full-day course, your organisation benefits from:  

  • Improved communication: By developing better communication skills and learning how to handle difficult conversations effectively, teams can avoid misunderstandings and conflicts that can hinder productivity and damage relationships.

  • Better collaboration: When team members are equipped with the tools and strategies to tackle hard conversations, they are more likely to collaborate effectively, share their ideas, and work together to achieve common goals.

  • Increased productivity: When teams can communicate effectively and work collaboratively, they are likely to be more productive and achieve better results.

  • Stronger relationships: By learning how to handle difficult conversations with care and respect, team members can build stronger relationships with one another and foster a more positive workplace culture.

  • Improved decision-making: By tackling difficult conversations head-on and working through disagreements in a constructive way, teams can make better decisions and achieve more successful outcomes.

Overall, a hard conversation course can help whole teams to work together more effectively, achieve better results, and create a more positive and productive workplace culture.

How does the day run?

We come to you...

Delivered as a full-day course, half-day, or even a condensed power-hour masterclass, this 'How to Have Hard Conversations' course is delivered sensitively, collaboratively and by our expert facilitators and coaches. 

To ask about how it could work for your team, just drop Jack an email today.



"Really thought-provoking. I took a lot away"

Rachael Barber, Director


"It was productive and challenging, and just the right amount of uncomfortable"
Kate William, Director

Full-day Hard Conversations Workshop

Hack Yourself Hard Conversations Course

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