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Hack Yourself Personal Performance

Course: Personal Performance for a Changing World

Our new one or half-day workshop

This one or half-day Personal Performance course will:

Business benefits 

Follow in the footsteps of 1,000s going through our courses

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Who is it for?
Any team upwards of 4 people that want to maximise its impact in a changing world of work.


This new one-day course (which can be delivered as a half day), will help you to enhance your personal performance, whilst maximising team effectiveness.

Why is this course important?

We are transitioning through the greatest changes to our working lives. So many teams  need to reflect, relearn how to collaborate, and feel confident that team members are in the best position to personally perform.

  • Do you want to reset and feel in control of your contribution of the next 12 months?

  • Do you want to build the foundations that enable you to be resilient through change?

  • Are you ready to excel in how you contribute, collaborate and help make winning teams?

If so, this workshop, built to meet these needs in a post-Covid world, is perfect for you. 

Areas of focus 

Your team will take dedicated time to look at their individual performance, and how that impacts team performance. 


Your will leave the day with a bespoke plan that will:

  • transform how you lead yourself

  • enhance the success of people around you

  • and deliver exceptional outputs.

What will team members get from it?

Your team members will:

  • identify the skills and behaviours needed in todays workplace

  • hear and work with practicing leaders who will share experience and coach you through best practice

  • understand self-leadership techniques and how they impact your effectiveness

  • understand your team contribution, because high-performing individuals are only effective if they enhance other people’s success

  • create a personal action plan for the next 12 months

  • feel connected in a deeper way to colleagues in the team

  • oh... and they will have a truly memorable and empowering experience 

What will your organisation get from it?

When you book our Personal Performance training course you will get:

  • a team focused on how to future-proof their skills and navigate the changing world of work

  • increased engagement, which we all know leads to better retention 

  • new self-leadership skills and confidence throughout a team

  • staff that feel invested in, valued and introduced to a new way of progressing their careers, performance, and relationship with their colleagues


“...much needed time away from my working day to day to reflect and reset ”

Wai-Mon Lie
Manager, Program Management 

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“...massively surpassed my expectations”

Gina Gradley
Senior Regional Marketing Specialist



Note: This is a brand new course - the endorsements above and below are showing support for other Hack Yourself courses


“I'd go as far to say it was life-changing”

Melanie Wynne
Head of Lead Generation


Meet the Team

Everyone who works for Hack Yourself has a real job, leading their industry right now. Here are your lead trainers:

Hack Yourself training course

We can run this course in your workplace. 

Email Jack directly and he'll get back to you straight away.


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Hack Yourself Personal Performance course
"Enlightening and intense"
Hack Yourself training

Rona Gibson
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