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13 leadership resources for the changing world of work

Let’s be honest – whilst we know the world of work is changing, we’ve no idea what it’s morphing into.

It’s just too early to tell what our new working lives will be like. All we can do as leaders is learn, embrace the opportunities, make the best decisions in the moment and stay flexible on this learning curve that we are all riding. Here are this month’s top resources to keep you learning.

New world of work

  1. Working from Home is a Failed Experiment – an opinion piece to challenge your leadership viewpoint for future planning (article, via The Guardian)

  2. Ad Industry Learnings from a Year of Remote Working – “Don’t confuse the process with the goal” (article, via Campaign)

  3. Post-pandemic Ways of Working – #WorkX – thought-provoking take by an ex-colleague of mine, Perry Tims (blog, via Medium)

People leadership

  1. How to give Tough Feedback that Helps People Grow – “The feedback should increase, not drain the employee’s motivation…” (article, via HBR)

  2. What Amazing Bosses do Differently – “He was never unwilling to admit his failures and mistakes, which puts people around him very much at ease.” (article, via HBR)


  1. 5 Tips to Writing Emails that will Always Get You a Reply – “Remember how Steve Jobs always waited until the end of his presentations to show off the coolest of the products he was introducing? He used to say “one more thing”, and boom, there came a new iPhone out of his pocket.” (via Ted Ideas)

  2. How to Increase Your Influence at Work – “Make it clear to your colleagues that you value their opinions” (article, via HBR)

  3. Plan a Better Meeting with Design Thinking – “ If this meeting is wildly successful, what will people feelknow, and do as a result?” (article, via HBR)

Something new

  1. Non-fungible Tokens – heard of NFTs? Confused? Explore this brilliant hub of the best reading resources around the topic (via Zoe Scaman, who is worth a follow here.)

  2. What is Clubhouse, and Why Care? (article, via Hubspot)

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – partner spotlight

  1. Work in marketing and with agencies? Want to improve creative output and foster a more inclusive workplace? Pocc is a community and organisation made up of over 900 ethnically diverse creatives helping agencies and brands reshape the future for good. Check them out!

The random one

  1. How to MC, Compère, or Chair Events – just a brilliant blog from Oli Barrett full of practical tips (blog, via Linkedin)

Future look

  1. Five Emerging Trends that will Drive Technology Innovation for the Next Decade – “Technology is becoming increasingly integrated with people to create new opportunities for digital representations of ourselves, such as digital passports and social distancing technologies” (report, via Gartner)


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