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7 resources for leadership and performance

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Online learning – top 3 YouTube Channels

  • MIT, one of the top-ranked Universities in the world, shares free open courses

  • School of Life – to help you answer some of the bigger questions you may have!

  • Crash Course – upskill through short videos on economics, physics, philosophy, astronomy, politics, psychology, literature, and biology

New research


Ask yourself these 6 questions to stress test your strategy:

  • Have we identified our biggest challenge?

  • Do we have a coherent approach to overcome that challenge?

  • Does the strategy align to our promise to the market?

  • Have we simplified our strategy into a short easy to repeat idea?

  • Do our people understand their role to support the strategy?

  • Does our strategy cascade down to every function?Helpful, hey? Via. Carter Collective

AI and creativity

“Gone are the days of starring at a blank page” – this 6 min film from SPACE10 perfectly sets the scene of how AI has impacted creativity    

Productivity tip

Try timeboxing – instead of creating long to-do lists, block out the time for your task (even in a separate calendar) About us: We build leaders and high-performing teams

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