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Upskill now: 11 great links

New ways to learn

  1. 11 leadership books to read in 2018 via Washington Post (article reading time: 1 min)

Social media recommendations – Focus on LinkedIn

  1. Jeff Haden writes on various topics, such as leadership and management. He is the owner of Blackbird Media.

  2. Jeff Bullas is a digital marketing expert. His blog has over 4 million readers annually.

  3. Dorie Clark is the author of Stand Out and Reinventing You. He can help you craft the professional image you’ve always wanted.

  4. Brian Solis often reflects on the future of business and how technology can disrupt our world.

  5. Rita J. King connects science, technology and business.

  6. Lisa Gates is the expert to follow if you’re negotiating for higher salaries and promotions.

  7. Connect with me on LinkedIn and ask me anything!


  1. Three ways to prove your potential in the workplace – free book excerpt  (article reading time: 3 mins)

  2. Blog recommendation: Motivation Grid. Founded by Cris Nikolov – Motivation Grid is top motivational blog sharing quotes, videos and articles that relate heavily to happiness and productivity. It was founded by Cris roughly 3 years or so ago, and now gets half a million views per month.

  3. 19 ways to be kind to yourself today – via Motivation Grid (reading time: 3 mins)


  1. 1-1 training/mentioning/coaching – a bespoke blend of expert training, mentoring and coaching that uses hacking mentality to help individuals reach peak performance in the workplace. Need that dedicated support to help you reach your potential? Get in touch!


  1. What big, high-impact thing are you stalling on? What’s the first next step to making progress?

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