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The Power of Rules

The Power of Rules Hack Yourself

Everything published on this blog will be:

  1. in plain English, with no jargon

  2. concise

  3. of value, every time

These rules will ensure you get the very best from Hack Yourself.

When you have a set of rules, you show that you’ve taken a considered approach to something and that you value quality. You strive to do your best. You’re willing to hold yourself to account.

Consider what rules you could create to ensure you perform to the best of your ability.

These themes will help:

Communication – how will you speak and write today? What tone will you take?

Behaviour – how will you act today?

Development – what will you learn today?

Here’s an example set of rules:

Every day I will:

  1. adopt a positive tone in my emails

  2. listen properly to those around me

  3. learn one new thing about my profession

Perhaps it’s time you use the power of rules to make the most of your week?


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