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Why “Hacking Yourself” Can Transform Your Career

In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, one thing is for certain; you need more than just first-class technical skills to compete.

To excel at the rate you deserve, you need advanced soft skills that set yourself apart.

You need a deeper level of self-awareness.

And you need to ensure the self-development actions that you set yourself have real impact, at lightning pace.

The solution? Hacking Yourself… 

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, succinctly described hacking as “building something quickly or testing the boundaries of what can be done”.

These words refer to ‘speed’ and ‘impact’, and in a modern world these two principles can transform your career.

I spent two years exploring how hacking mentality and techniques can be applied to our self-development. I met chief executives, directors and founders of businesses. I also pooled knowledge and experiences from some of the UK’s most vulnerable young people who have gone on to achieve remarkable success – enabling me to identify the rare lessons on what it takes to unlock potential even within the toughest of circumstances.

Through my new book, Hack Yourself, and my Hack Day training courses, I use the principles of ‘speed’ and ‘impact’ to help individuals transform their personal performance.

Here’s how the hacking approach to self-transformation works:

The impact of personal hacking

The Continuous Hacking section of the hierarchy (number 5) is a personal passion of mine. Here’s why…

Every leader I met during the research for my book demonstrated intrinsic behaviours that help them to self-analyse and act on their findings in a fast and effortless way. They continually assess their performance, making little tweaks to achieve development goals every day.

Whether they proactively make a new business contact, add to their vocabulary or change their approach in meetings, each leader makes fast and impactful changes to their performance.

My observation of those who are less successful is that they are more static in their approach. They aren’t evolving. They aren’t conscious about their development. They aren’t taking control of their potential.

My point is this: successful people hack themselves every single day.

The mission

So, I’m on a mission to help everyone identify the crux of these successful ‘hacking’ behaviours.

I’m on a mission to shake-up the self-development industry to enable all of us to succeed in this ever-changing world.

And I’m on a mission to enable everyone to find their potential, no matter what their background or barriers.

One final thing…

Traditional leadership practices are changing in the workplace. The dated “command and control” style of leadership is moving towards a much more inclusive approach.

This shift is creating leaders within the workforce at all levels and means that everyone has the opportunity to contribute, add value and lead those around them – no matter what their job title or responsibilities.

There has never been a better time for you to discover and release your full potential.


 First published by The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing.

You can hear more from Jack and his business partner Mark Harris by attending his one-day Hack your way to becoming a marketing leader course at the IDM in London on 14th September.


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