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The unorthodox leadership tactic that brings passion and energy to your team

Today’s Hack Yourself blog focuses on the brave and bold personal challenges that you can set yourself in life, and why they are good for you, your team and your organisation.

Some may say that focusing on personal projects or challenges out of work hours can distract you from your job, and they may even question your commitment.

I couldn’t disagree more.

From my experience of training over 50 brands in modern leadership this year, I’ve observed that when people take on external activities that push their character, resilience and capabilities, they always take that energy back to their team and inspire people in their day jobs and with their work.

When you undertake things outside of work that you love, your accomplishments leave you feeling more fulfilled and more content at work. And here’s the magic – that rubs off on those around you.

But… you need to share these things, and encourage those around you to do the same.

Let’s get personal

I’ve started an initiative in my day job called ‘Outside In’, where we encourage team members to share what they are perusing outside of work. So far, we’ve had a talented film maker debut his short film, and heard an inspiring talk about a personal journey of health and resilience.

It’s important that people aren’t frightened to share their love of a hobby or a project, for fear of being judged for their passion or external commitment.

By sharing the things we do, we open up a conversation about interests and passions that spread creativity and build deeper relationships. This article by Thrive Global eloquently explains how we often find inspiration and ideas whilst undertaking such ‘extra-curricular’ things. It reads “life outside of work can truly impact your performance”.

One of my favourite days at work last year was when I took my department through my Hack Yourself training day (read more here) that I run through my side business. Apart from a personal development day making business sense, it was also a freeing experience for me to share what I’m passionate about outside of work.

I now have the hope that others feel able and willing to do the same.

Ready for a challenge?

After speaking to many people about this theme, I realised that the more challenging your out-of-work activity is, the more you can inspire people around you. So, last month I set about launching my own, non-profit challenge for anyone to sign up to. Check out – the new global running challenge that challenges you to run 1 mile as quick as you can over 1 month.

My hope is that it helps people to easily get involved in something that builds character and can spread a little bit of energy.

As a leader, or an aspiring one, I’d encourage you all to think about how personal challenges outside of work don’t need to be kept separate, and nor do those of your team.

Of course the day job still needs doing, and doing brilliantly, but let’s not forget the benefits that the world outside your window can offer.

Sign up to Break The Mile, for free today.



Jack Lowman is founder and author of Hack Yourself. His one-day courses use modern hacking mentality and techniques to enable individuals to become the best leader they can be, no matter what their job title or responsibilities.

Find out how the modern leadership training courses can transform you or your team. Read more about Hack Yourself.


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