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Advanced Communication Skills Hack Yourself

Course: Advanced Communication Skills

Our new flagship one-day course
18th January and 8th February 2024, or in-house at your company

Imagine being
first-class at communicating...

Bringing together brand new Hack Yourself modules, this new flagship course identifies the most needed communication skills in the modern workplace and helps you build an advanced set of competencies.

Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, you will learn how to build strong relationships, convey complex ideas, and manage communication challenges in a changing environment. 

It’s a game changer for all levels - get ready to find the skills and confidence to communicate with impact.

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This new communication skills course will:

Business benefits: 


Hack Yourself Communications Training

Who is it for?
Perfect for all levels as it's unique to you - whether you are in the early part of your career and are developing your skills, a manager with some experience, or a team leader that knows that continuous learning and honing your skills will keep you motivated and effective.

We also run this course in-house for whole teams between 4 and 25 people. 


The way we communicate with our colleagues has undergone a profound transformation over the last few years. The traditional 9-to-5 office routine has given way to flexible work arrangements, remote teams, and digital collaboration tools.

As a result, effective communication on a one-on-one basis, within groups, and during presentations has become more vital than ever. The ability to navigate these changes and communicate with precision and impact is the key to success in the new world of work.

'Advanced Communication Skills' is designed to equip you with the essential skills to excel in this dynamic environment - and to pass on your learnings to your teams and line reports if you have them.

Never have communication skills been so vital - so stay ahead of the game with a course the Hack Yourself team is incredibly proud of. This one's going to be popular!

Course details  

This one or half-day course explores the competencies most in need, and often lacking in effective teams.

You'll be guided through workshops and masterclasses in the following areas:

  • Module 1: Understanding the Changing Work Landscape

  • Module 2: Effective Communication Foundations

  • Module 3: Understanding you – a deep-dive self-analysis

  • Module 4: Mastering Public speaking in a Hybrid World - how to present on the big stage, small stage an online 

  • Module 5: Storytelling and Persuasive Communication

  • Module 6: How to Have Hard Conversations - the art of tackling the hard stuff

  • Module 7: How to Focus and Emotional Intelligence in Communication - feeling distracted? Need some techniques and tools to get focused and improve your output and comms? This module is for you. Truly transformational 

  • Module 8: Essential interpersonal skills 

What will you get from it?

The fast-paced, collaborative day will ensure employees work towards:

  • boosting performance through self-analysis and upskilling

  • increasing confidence and effectiveness of communications with colleagues and stakeholders

  • creating a bespoke, practical plan of how to supercharge your communications skills over the next 12 months 

What will your organisation get from it?

  • Employees who are future-proofing their skill set

  • Improved communication leading to healthier and more effective relationships at work

  • Staff that feel invested in, valued, and introduced to a new way of progressing their careers, performance, and relationship with their colleagues

We always give you more...

You'll also get:

  • Free, optional group coaching session four weeks after session

  • Linkedin support group to help you build your network

  • One month’s direct access to the course tutor for 1-1 online support

- Only course dates available - 

18th January and 8th February 2024

Online (with extras)
£425+VAT per person
Always group discounts  

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Hack Yourself training
“An excellent day that I would highly recommend to anyone… insightful with practical advice that I could implement straight away”
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Joanne Morris,
Partner Marketing Manager

Hack Yourself training course

We can run this course in your workplace, or you can join an open session.

18th January 2024
8th February 2024
Online, £425+VAT per person
Group discounts always 

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Hack Yourself Communications Training

What people say about Hack Yourself...


“I found it really useful, especially because the tools are so tangible to apply”

Akriti Farmahan
Senior Campaigns Manager

 British Red Cross


“...a fantastic use of my time. I’ve loved how interactive and packed with takeaways the training has been”

Claire O'Toole
B2B Marketing Manager
Westfield Health


“ gave me clear focus on where I was going and how to get there. It was like someone pressed my reset button!”

Darren Kunar
Director of Email
We Transfer

Meet the Team

Everyone who works for Hack Yourself has a real job, leading their industry right now. Here are your lead trainers:

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