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Hack Yourself Masterclasses

& talks

Short, sharp, transformative masterclasses and talks for your team

Our masterclasses are designed to leave a lasting impact 

Business benefits 

Follow in the footsteps of 1,000s going through our courses

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We know it can be hard to find the time to inject inspiration and fresh ideas into your team.

Alongside our full-day training and awaydays, we run masterclasses and can deliver talks to be held as breakfast learning sessions, lunchtime learning, awayday sections or just because you want to invest in your team.

Our sessions range from an hour long, to three hours, can be delivered online or in person, and receive some of our best feedback for value delivered in a short space of time.

Menu of options for masterclasses

Modern Leadership For The Modern World (1 - 2 hours)

Modern Leadership Masterclass Hack Yourself

Inspire and empower your team to think about leadership, no matter what their job title.

In one or two hours, we’ll land new ideas, opinions and tips and tricks to give your team the desire to want to take ownership of the challenges around them, and step into their leadership potential.

Delivered by Jack Lowman, founder and author of Hack Yourself. Jack has trained and worked with thousands of the UK’s most talented leaders and works in-company delivering modern leadership training. This session distills down some of his best advice and strategies to build an army of people ready to lead the way.

Mastering Public Speaking in a Modern World (1.5 hours)

Public Speaking training masterclass Hack Yourself

Let us build your team's public speaking competence, to transform their confidence.


  • 1.5 hours

  • Delivered virtually or in-person

  • Designed for the new, hybrid way of working, where public speaking happens on the big stage and the small screen

Who is it for?

  • Anyone looking to develop their confidence and competence when speaking in front of people

  • Students wanting to understand how to improve online delivery, as well as master physical presence

  • Beginner or experienced speakers looking to become more natural and refined speakers

What's covered?

The high-energy session covers: before a talk, during and how to push yourself beyond your own expectations. You can expect:


  • Personal stories of failure and success

  • Storytelling - structure and intent

  • Understanding the brief, audience and format

  • How to own the environment to build confidence

  • Techniques to overcome fear and anxiety

  • Understanding and using non-verbal signals

  • How to control your voice to engage

  • What to prepare for when things go wrong

  • Tips to engage an audience

  • What does world-class look like?

Public speaking course Hack Yourself
Jack Lowman public speaking Hack Yourself

Leadership lessons from... (1.5 hours)

Leadership masterclass

We've curated interesting leadership development sessions based on topical, popular culture and/or politics/world events to provide an entertaining, thought-provoking and insightful masterclass to engage and upskill your teams.

New for 2023 - Leadership lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic (1.5 hours)

Menu of options for talks

Keynote talks (30  - 90 mins). Subjects include:

  • The New Skills Needed to Lead in a Modern World - Whatever Your Level 

  • Personal Performance in a Hybrid World

  • #HackYourCareer - The Ultimate Career Development Keynote

  • 'Leadership Lessons From...' -  we use popular culture, politics and even COVID-19 to review examples of leadership and how individuals can learn from them

  • Bespoke topics available – get in touch with us today

What will team members get from it?

All our masterclasses and talks are designed to:

  • future-proof their skills for the changing world of work

  • challenge thinking and assumptions about leadership limitations

  • support an organisation's effort to build high-performing teams

  • foster an environment that gives people a different, thought-provoking and inspiring experience

Case study - Pablo (agency)

Pastries in. Coffee hot. A whole client services team ready to learn...

Pablo, the award-winning creative agency,  invited us to deliver a breakfast learning session on what is changing in the world of work, and what people can do to upskill, relearn, and feel confident in their performance. 

Hack Yourself Masterclasses
Masterclasses Hack Yourself

"Entertaining. Useful. Revealing."

Dasha Golubkova  
Creative Producer

1/2 day leadership workshop 

Hack Yourself course reviews
Hack Yourself course reviews

“...I felt very optimistic and full of energy”

fabiana palombo


“...massively surpassed my expectations”

Jamilah Simpson
Marketing Executive


“I'd go as far to say it was life-changing”

Simon James Sacks
Global Commercial Communications


Meet the Team

Everyone who works for Hack Yourself has a real job, leading thier industry right now. Here are your lead trainers:

Hack Yourself training course

Want to run a learning session with your team? Need us to deliver a talk at an event or team day?

Contact us to find out more


Email Jack directly and he'll get back to you straight away.


Hack Yourself
“A refreshing change from anything else I’ve experienced”
Hack Yourself training

Emily Rash
Marketing Lead

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