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Training for whole teams

Explore our acclaimed in-house leadership training courses,

masterclasses, away days and talks.
  You can expect:

Tangible business benefits

 94% of people say their business has directly benefited from greater productivity and performance

Action plans for everyone

100% say they now have a clear action plan for the year ahead to support their development and perform

Increased effectiveness

  95% say they have increased confidence to deliver against their goals in a more effective way 

Leaders at all levels 

Release the leadership potential at all levels, in a safe and inspiring way



Increased engagement

The reviews speak for themselves. We create personal and professional bonds in a matter of hours that will last a lifetime

A new support network

Through Hack Yourself, your team will join our alumni network. Connect, get inspired and learn from the very best

We'll prove your people development is an investment, not a cost.

Not looking for a course for a whole team? View courses for yourself or a team member.

Trusted by industry-leading brands

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Courses, masterclasses,
away days and talks
for 2024

Team away day Hack Yourself



6 months, in person and online 

Bring us in-house to run a 6-month modern learning and development programme that will engage, inspire and ignite your team. Coming soon - contact us for more info

Training overview Hack Yourself

Have something else in mind? Drop us a quick note with a few details.
Are you a students' Union? Discover our one-day course

People also asked:

Q: How much do the Hack Yourself training courses cost? 

A: Let us know what you are interested in, for how many people, plus the location and we'll let you know the options and the straightforward costs.

Q: Can you tailor the popular courses for our specific team needs?

A: Yes. We'll take the best of all our work, and craft a programme that meets your team needs and business objectives. A free scoping call is always offered, and when you book a course a further consultation call is included.

Q: Why should we choose Hack Yourself for our team or leadership development?

A: 1,000s of people have trusted us because we are senior leaders, working in real jobs, right now. We bring up-to-date experiences and have a background that blends academic teaching, professional tutoring and hands-on workshopping with global brands. Above all, what we do really, really works.
Have a read of what people say about us.


“I found it really useful, especially because the tools are so tangible to apply”

Akriti Farmahan
Senior Campaigns Manager

 British Red Cross


“...a fantastic use of my time. I’ve loved how interactive and packed with takeaways the training has been”

Claire O'Toole
B2B Marketing Manager
Westfield Health


“ gave me clear focus on where I was going and how to get there. It was like someone pressed my reset button!”

Darren Kunar
Director of Email
We Transfer

Why us, and why now?

We are transitioning through the greatest changes to our working lives.

Now's the time to build your team's skills and resilience for today's challenges and opportunities: 

Challenge 1

Teams need to reconnect 

Engagement is at its lowest levels as people continue to find a way of working that actually works

Challenge 4

Employees are stagnating

Lack of personal development since peak-pandemic times

Challenge 2

People are leaving 

Known as the Great Resignation. Motivation, stress management and balance remain challenges

Challenge 5

Teams fragmenting 

Poor team cohesion due to remote working and 5 generations now in the workplace

Challenge 6

Most training fails

Studies show up to 60% of training doesn’t work. People return to old behaviors. We prove that training can have a lasting impact

There's a reason why global brands

choose us to help grow their teams. Explore our courses below to find out.

“An excellent course that I would highly recommend to anyone… insightful with practical advice that I could implement straight away”
British business bank.png

Joanne Morris
Partner Marketing Manager


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